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I believe science must be shared, and not be kept to a bunch of people who are scientifically apt. Everybody has something to gain by learning more about science. That’s why I decided to share what I know in a way that is, hopefully, appealing to anyone from laymen to professors.

I selected several topics within the branch of physics called electromagnetics (which my PhD is all about). The selection is based purely on my personal taste. I follow a popular science book approach in explaining things, but I also provide complete mathematical derivations in the appendices for those who are experienced in electromagnetics.

Read, share, use in your teachings, discuss with your friends… I also provide powerpoint files that you can directly use or incorporate in your presentations.

I would be greatly happy to hear your opinion! You can send me an email at, or leave your comment below.

Photo: That’s me conducting a chemistry experiment in high school.



  • Metamaterials: Strange stuff that you can use to make an invisibility cloak! Click here for the paper and click here for the presentation. Note that there are videos in the presentation which you should watch while reading the paper. Also, this is more on the science side of “popular science” :)


  • Mie theory: How does the light interact with micro- and nano-sized particles? Why is the sky blue? How does it become orange during sunset? (Click here for the technical paper. Popular science version is to be added.)


  • Metasurfaces: Extremely thin surfaces that manipulate light in unexpected ways (to be added)



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  1. Moulonguet
    March 23, 2018 at 10:10 am


    reading the paper on Owald i noticed for equation (16) you set sign – instead of +µ…
    and on equation (17) you set sign + instead of -µ
    then Appendix D is missing

    Best regards

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